Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Stiths courtesy of COMC

So finishing off my Boxing Day free shipment posts is today's post, which contains all the Shyrone Stiths I was able to pick up.  These pickups put me just under 50% completion for his master set, which is pretty darn cool considering I've really only spent a year on this collection.  So let's take a peek at some of the best new stuff in my collection!

First card up is from Fleer Gamers Next, which is a really weird name for a set:
Kinda crazy front...there's a lot going on there.  The long front part of the "n" makes it look like an "r," and the choice to have the "x" go through "Gamers" was...interesting.  Definitely one of the wilder card fronts I have seen in a while.
The back is similarly absurd.  Every stat points out from the left side in sort of icicle form.  Then the right side is fairly normal.  But it is also noted that this card is the "extra" version under the number.  So I'll have to grab the base version of this wildness somewhere down the line.

Speaking of crazy fronts, here's Shyrone Stith in the middle of a tornado:
This card is from 2000 Press Pass Paydirt, and it is also pretty absurd.  At least the tornado word colors go with Virginia Tech's colors.
The back reminds me of a creepy funhouse, with the left and right side stretched Stiths and the normal one in the middle.  I do like the writeup though - it is a little more specific than your typical card as to where Stith scored the bulk of his TD's in his senior season.  Also it has the weird phrasing, "A Stith into the line gets you 6!"  That's gotta be worth...something.

More insanity, only this one is pretty amazing:
It's the Masters parallel of Stith's Collector's Edge card, and wow does it pop.  Love the shiny...
The back is similar to a lot of the Collector's Edge backs from that year, but the card is serial #'d.  Kinda lazy for a company to only really change the fronts and not the backs...but I guess that's why they're out of business, right?

This next card is crazy hard to see:
So I lightened it a little
It's the diamond auto from Sage Hit.  Non-numbered, and it looks pretty great in person.
The back is all green like the emerald auto.  I wish they had made it left the emerald one emerald colored so it made it easier to tell the cards apart.  They don't list emerald or diamond on the cards anywhere and the only way to really figure it out is through researching it online.  Ther'e's a die cut version for each card too, so I'll have to grab those someday.

Here's a card that really shines in person, Stiths Prestige entry for 2000:
It's the Inside the Numbers parallel from Prestige, and this is a REALLY crisp card in person.  Nicer stock, nicer surface, etc.
The back is simple, but great, and nicely recaps the 1999 Viginia Tech season IMHO.

I tend to dig subtle parallels, so this next one is pretty cool:
It's the "blue" version of Stith's Pacific card, numbered to 399.  The name and logo are blue here, and there's a little blue stamp to the right of Stith's legs.
The back also adds a little blue tint too.  I know it's not the most difference in the world, but I like when a parallel follows a little theme.

This Skybox card is similar to the one above in its parallel-ness:
It's the Star Rubies version, so the foil gets the ruby treatment on the front
And then on the back the numbering has a SR added on.  I think more parallels should do makes it a lot easier to know you're looking at a parallel when the numbering explicitly states it.  So good on you 2000 Skybox.

Finally, we cap this post with Stith's SP Authentic entry for 2000:
Authentic is a bit classier than most of the cards in this post, and you can tell by the finer stock and the elevated bumps on the lower left and lower right sides of the card.  It's also neatly numbered out of 1250 on the front.
The back is very turn of the Millenium Upper Deck, what with its small pictures, wordiness, and lines to divide stuff up.  I really like it though - I mean heck that's why I collect Upper Deck MVP for a while right?  It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday - Let's go Pats!

The Seahawks at least deserve to be here, so if they beat the Pats it wouldn't be as heartbreaking as Eli's two Super Bowl rings.

That being said, I'm definitely cheering for the Pats today.  I know Brady is near the end of his career so there won't be a lot more chances like this, so let's hope he pulls it off!

In related news, I always wanted a Tom Brady patch card, but they always cost way too much so I've never been able to pick one up.  But this morning a guy had a bunch of Tom Brady cards on sale on COMC (due to the Super Bowl), and his one Brady patch was priced nicely so I grabbed it.  It's obviously not yet in hand, but it's a really nice card IMHO:
Antowain Smith is there too, which mike take away for some, but really adds to it for me since he was such a big part of the 2001 and 2003 Super Bowl wins.  The fact that both patches are three colors is extra nice IMHO.  

The best part though - the guarantee on the back:
I am a sucker for any old school card where they show you a picture of the jersey the piece came from, let alone two pictures for two jersey pieces.  Smith's jersey looks crazy beat up which is awesome, and I wonder if it'd be possible to match it to a game since it has some tell tale tears.  Maybe I'll have to check that out sometime, but today my focus is all on the Super Bowl - GO PATS!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ebay Communication Done Right

So the other day I was cruisin' and perusin' through Ebay, and came across a rare-ish Shyrone Stith autograph.  It was something like $3.99 or best offer so I offered like $2.50 and won it.  Good times.

The next day the seller messages me saying that he has the blue version of the card up too.  Which I then notice...and realize I previously avoided due to the price...but it also has a best offer.  So I offered something lower...he accepted...and boom two autos in one nice little transaction, combined shipping and all.  Gotta love when Ebay sellers are that easy to work with.  

Here's the Red auto that came in the mail a few days later:
Nice little on card auto, really colorful too.  The back:
Kinda funky that these guys aren't numbered, but that is something consistent across all the cards in this set. Technically it's out of like 170...that's how many cards were in the print run.

Here's the blue version that came along with it:
I think I like the blue a little better - works with Jags colors more.
And here's the blue back...these bad boys got a numbered print run of 100...not too shabby to grab both of these for under $10!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm kinda killing this COMC thing (some tips and some cards I bought with the spoils)

So it took a while - several years in fact (I think I've been a seller on the site since 2011 at the earliest), but I am finally pretty good at selling on COMC.  I sent in 100 cards a while back for like $35 and added $10 to it later, so that was my initial investment.  I now sit at $193.74 in my COMC account, plus 64 cards with an asking price of $170 (realistically I can get $42 for them) bringing me around a net of $235.  All that plus I bought tons of Shyrone Stith cards for me (with more on the way) plus I bought some random cards I liked, plus I bought cards for a few's really all so good.

Anyways, how am I doing it?  Here's a few tips I'd offer:
1. Flipping is awesome - I think a lot of people agree that COMC is a big place for flipping cards, but really I didn't sell a lot until I found my niche as a flipper.  I am a guy who buys low and sells higher...but not highest.  Like I might see a 10 cent card, buy it, price it at 35 cents, and then sell it to a guy who prices it at 75.  It's nickel and diming at times...but those nickel and dimes add up.

2. When you get tired of flipping small time, go port sales - I found a guy who will buy my ports, every time, at 25% of my asking price.  This is huge...then I can just find crazy underpriced cards (which isn't so hard with sales and whatnot), price them closer to the regular price (but still lowest on the site) and then sell the whole port to this guy for a profit.  So finding someone who will buy your ports is a very easy way to get money...makes the process a lot quicker for sure.

3. Accept (or counter) every offer - Yeah some schmoes will offer diddlysquat for your awesome cards...but the more you accept or counter the more rep you build with certain sellers.  I know a few guys who regularly check my port now "just in case" because we built up a good relationship.  Works in the real world, works in the COMC world too.

4. Advertise - I do this on Blowout forums in their spam section, and it helps a lot.  Also doesn't hurt to throw the words auto accept in there...then people know they can offer less and that your port will automatically accept it - like how mine currently accepts 50% off offers automatically, which is nice.

So there's a few tips.  But on to the cardboard portion of this post - here's two cards I grabbed recently to reach 30 cards shipped for the New Year's shipping credit.  Both are really random, but both are also fairly epic...especially the first one.

This first card only cost me $2.26 shipped.  I was originally going to try to flip it for more...but the longer it sat in my port the more I grew to appreciate it.  It's not every day you can find a patch auto /50 of a 1st round pick (even of the bust variety) that cheap:
Yes, it's Peter Warrick, and yes, his signature leaves a little something to be desired, but otherwise isn't this a pretty awesome card?  One heck of a patch, cool die cut window, nice coloring, random auto there...I really dig it.  The back is cool too:
Anytime a company uses a picture of "the actual jersey this piece came from," I basically have to have that card.  It doesn't mention the auto...which is weird...but Beckett and other sites back up that there should be one there, so that made me feel fine about it.

I wonder what this card sold for when it was new?  I could picture this being like a $100 card easy back in the day.  Now it's nothing...but I love it.  On a random note, I bought a JaMarcus Russell auto /100 for like $3.50 around the same time and almost kept that too - but it was just the auto, no patch, so I moved it at a profit lol.

The other card I grabbed is more random to you but less random to me.  It's a Madden '04 guy - Trung Canidate:
Love that late Pacific stuff.  Even though this is probably from a store bought jersey and was never game worn, it is still a neat patch of a guy with a short lived career.
Numbered to just /275 which is also cool.  Canidate was CRAZY fast coming out of the draft, and Madden reflected that with a 96 speed rating in their game, which was one of the tops in the game.  So I used him sometimes..but he was also so fast that it sort of made it unfair to have him on your team, so I often traded to make him some other team's starter.  After all he was never going to start for the Rams, as Marshall Faulk is like a 98 in the game and Lamar Gordon somehow always won the computer's third down back job.

IRL, Canidate spent three years in St. Louis where he didn't do much, and then was traded to Washington and started ten games before Clinton Portis came to town.  Not awful, but definitely not as great as some of his Madden '04 exploits.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wallet Card goes to work/school

Some people's Wallet Cards have already been on great adventures, varying from visiting famous delis to frolicking in the snow.  

My Wallet Card ain't got no time for that...he's got his studies to focus on.

I show up at work hours before the kids (and most of the other teachers) because I'm weird, so that gave Wallet Card time to take a few pics around the classroom.  My favorite one is him posing on my desk with all of my knick knacks.
From left to right, I have a photo of my cat Toby in a weird colored snail frame, a Jeff Blake headliner (we live in Cincinnati), a ceramic penguin, an Abba coaster, a metal lacrosse goalie, a Curtis Martin headliner (go Pats), a Jay Bruce bobblehead, and then Wallet Card.  Quite the motley crew if you ask me.

After that brief trip outside my Wallet, the card had to go back.  But not before I photographed some of the warping that my wallet is already causing to this card.  First a corner ding:

And then an entire crease on the right front of the card (it's the bottom of this photo):

I love how this guy is coming along - I think I might have to take him for some tacos next!